Follow your Arrow KAL

I got so carried away with starting a new knitting project I totally forgot to post pictures of the Follow your Arrow KAL shawl I completed.

Having added the extra clue to section 3, I spent a considerable time with a lot of safety pins working out exactly where the pattern for clue 4 should go, so that it aligned with the clue I’d just completed. I wanted the arrows to point to the centre of the triangles.

Having done this though meant I had no choice but to do option A of clue 5, or spend more time with safety pins working out where the pattern should align. So completing the shawl was done with edging, which to be honest is time consuming but I do really love the effect of knitting sideways.


Option A used a lot of yarn though so half way along the edging I was extremely worried I was going to run out. Thankfully I didn’t need to make an emergency trip to the yarn shop, and finished with the tiniest bit of yarn left!


I’m very pleased with the finished shawl. Its certainly the largest I’ve done and the first time I’ve amended a pattern so much myself, so it feels like a real accomplishment.

The Titus yarn I used is lovely and warm, with a little fuzz to it so its quite snug. However, as I’d been knitting I’d noticed the dye was coming off on my fingers so it had a good dunk in water to block it so reduce the likelihood of me getting a green neck when I wear it!

IMG_3250  IMG_3274IMG_3275

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3 Responses to Follow your Arrow KAL

  1. wow, that’s just amazing! I don’t have the patience much anymore for knitting but I love admiring others’ work. Anytime I’ve amended a pattern it hasn’t been very successful – glad yours turned out so lovely!

  2. lollyknits says:

    The edging is lovely! I’ve never done a shawl edging, and it’s a little intimidating to me. This looks so awesome!!

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