Triangles and trapizoids – March patchwork Challenge

I finally got around to March’s patchwork challenge on Friday night. There’s something quite fantastic about deciding at 6pm that the evening is going to be purely about crafts, sod the world outside. So pouring a glass of wine, donning pyjamas  I launched headlong into an evening of sewing.

I thought this was going to be a difficult one, given Helen had given our group an easier option too. The only tricky bit is getting the templates to print at the right size, so its a good job they have the 1 inch square to check the sizes.

So having cut out all of the shapes I jumped headlong into a couple of hours of pressing and sewing.

IMG_3432 IMG_3438

Its not a perfect finish – the trapzoids were a nightmare to sew, particularly the last two which meant that one is puckered at the corners. I’ve also lost a few points on corners but I’m pleased with the overall result.

If you tackle any of the patchwork challenge I’d love to see your results.

IMG_3437 IMG_3441

I wish I was doing as well with my book-a-month challenge – I managed to finish First they killed my father by Loung Ung in February. Its a very sad book about the atrocities in Cambodia told by a girl who survived the war as a child. I had read The Killing Fields before Christmas though and that’s much more horrific and brutal so I found this book not quite as terrible, but its still a sad read. I’m not doing so well in March as I’ve yet to start a book and so unlikely to finish one in the next two weeks – I’m spending all my free time knitting. Oh well….

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One Response to Triangles and trapizoids – March patchwork Challenge

  1. Nicely done! and I love the bright yellow colors!! I haven’t given this one a second shot yet…but the day isn’t over :-p

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