Knitting and drinking

There’s only one way to get through WIPs and that is to drink and knit… or so it seems.

I hadn’t realised quite how much the two go together until I was flicking through my photos for the last post until I spotted I’d been knitting three different projects with three different drinks (different beers!) and just in the last week!

The one with the coffee is a WIP that has been on my needles since summer last year and as its a boring stocking stitch its something I keep putting down. Then there’s the jumper I’ve just finished and the teal yarn is for the test knit I’m doing for a friend – 480 stitches in a row, that certainly needs a pint!

IMG_3474 IMG_3478 IMG_3479

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One Response to Knitting and drinking

  1. I love knitting and drinking…although that seems to be when I make the most mistakes and end up backtracking a few rows…yikes.

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