Patchwork Challenge – Cat and Mice?!

There was a temptation to April Fool you with a terribly complicated picture for the patchwork challenge. Knowing my luck it would only backfire on me and the square released would be monstrously hard.

As it happens April’s Patchwork Challenge isn’t too bad. Look at me getting all cocky!

Cat and Mice

Now I have to be honest that’s an awful lot of seams and with my current track record of sewing I reckon my 12″ square would end up an awful lot smaller than this by the time I’ve finished.

As such if you don’t fancy the Quilter’s Cache pattern, there is this version which looks identical but has less seams – Patchwork Square. 

I promised myself all of my squares in this year long challenge would be 3 coloured so I’m certainly going to do that. Its going to take me a while to do this as I’m pretty busy over Easter but if you have a go then do let me know how it turns out.

Good luck!

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