April Patchwork – feeling blue

Its supposed to rain in April, that’s why I’d picked aqua blues for my patchwork challenge this month. However the sun is currently shining and its already like summer. I’m sure it won’t last.

My April patchwork square has been completed early for once – my plans to visit a friend at Easter weekend were cancelled as she was ill and since then I’ve been under the weather too.

I’ve had a fuzzy head for a few weeks now and while the doctor thinks there’s nothing wrong with me I feel a bit drunk most of the time. It’s frustrating for knitting (especially as I’m using fine mohair for the test knit I’m doing) but I can manage sewing.

So here it is: (you have to ignore the busy pattern on my ironing board cover!)


Yes, I chose the easier version of the pattern for this month. My head couldn’t cope with the thought of doing more seams than necessary. I’m pleased with the result though I know its not right as the centre diamond and square haven’t lined up perfectly. Roll on May’s challenge! Hopefully I’ll have a clearer head then too…..

IMG_3736 IMG_3740


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One Response to April Patchwork – feeling blue

  1. I pulled the patterns up last night and sorted through my fabrics trying to decide which ones I wanted to use…I didn’t make a decision. And I’m not sure if I’ll use the harder or easier version either…lots of decisions still to be made 😦 I don’t have a lot of solids other than black or white…I guess I need to beef up my stash 😉

    I really like your color combo, it does remind me of water/rain. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather, I hope your head clears up soon!

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