When a stash makes pretty things

I’m between projects – I’ve just finished a jumper for myself, a test knit lace cape and as I’m about to start on a personal challenge of fairisle and steeking (eeekkk).

I’m crap at fair isle as my tension is terrible with two colours, so I thought I’d have a break between jumpers and make some mittens. These are made with the left over yarn from the Louisa Harding Acacia jumper I made. I always buy extra yarn as I usually lengthen tops but I had 1 1/2 balls left – plenty to make these gorgeous mittens.

I didn’t want to knit them flat and sew them up, so I magic looped them on a circular needle. This isn’t hard and to be honest had I had the right sized double pointed needles I would have used those instead. Either way it does make it quicker to knit but does mean you have to rewrite the pattern on the wrong side lines to make the pattern work out. Which is both reversing the stitches (so purls become knits) and the direction you read the stitches on the line.

They worked out ok and I think I might even have enough yarn for 1 more pair! Bonus!

IMG_3926 IMG_3928 IMG_3936

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3 Responses to When a stash makes pretty things

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  2. Would you happen to have a pattern for these mitts?

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