May Patchwork Challenge – Box Kite

You’ve no idea how happy I was to see that May’s patchwork challenge is easy. If this is the first sewing you’ve ever done then perhaps not super easy, but if you’ve made it up to here on the Patchwork Challenge then frankly you’ll manage this one in your sleep. Its nowhere near as hard as some of the other months.

Box Kite – Pattern

I mean look at it! There’s a whole square in this one and no tiny triangles or flying geese!!

Helen who sets out patchwork challenge as already knocked out a helpful demo on her blog which you can find here.

I might even find time over the bank holiday weekend to get this one done.  Which is great, as the only bit on my year of challenges I failed to do in April was read a book – so that means I’ll have time to catch up on reading too.

I’d love to see your versions of any of the challenge squares so do send me links to your blog when you do them.

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