Recycled craft challenge

May’s craft challenge is to create something from recycled materials. I’ve always had a love of the purses, bags and household objects made from old tyres and plastic bags, so my craft challenge was to made a purse from a juice carton. In the end this is a craft challenge for kids really, as its super quick and super easy. Pick a more vivid and bright tetra pak than I did!

To start you need a tetra pak juice carton (which has been washed out and dried), scissors, a stapler and an elastic band.


Firstly you need to cut the top and bottom off the carton, flatten it out and crease the long sides inwards.


Then fold the bottom third upwards and crease it against a hard surface to fold it well.


The remaining top part is the top of the wallet and to create the flap you need to cut away the front section of the tetra pak leaving a single piece.


Next, staple the two inner pieces together to create two compartments.


Finally cut a fancy shape around the edge and thread on an elastic band to close it with. Ta dah! In hindsight a fancier tetra pak would have looked better.




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One Response to Recycled craft challenge

  1. Quite nuts but very nice – and I shall definitely make one (or two and pass the idea on)!

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