June Patchwork Challenge – Joseph’s delight

Well it’s a matter of opinion whether its a delight or not! Apologies for the delay in posting June’s patchwork challenge – and I feel like I need to apologise for yet another tough one, or maybe its only me that’s struggling with these.

Joseph’s Delight


Why is that square in the middle not whole? And there’s 4 super tiny triangles in this and I’m not a fan of triangles!

I need to buy some fabric to complete my version so its going to take me a while to do this – so if you get one completed in the meantime do let me see pictures, or send me links to your blogs.

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6 Responses to June Patchwork Challenge – Joseph’s delight

  1. oh my…gonna have to think about this one a little bit…there’s gotta be a way to ‘paper piece’ that one block with the tiny triangles! And I’m going to use the ‘easier’ method to make the HST (cut 4″ squares, put them RST and sew 1/4″ on either side of the diagonal-which makes 2 HST). I’ll let you know if it works out – lol!

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