Floppy dog 

Despite my fair isle project deadline looming and having not got anywhere near the fair isle section I have started floppy dog for a work colleague’s new baby.

I have no issue saying I’m not only a selfish knitter but if I am knitting for others it’s rarely a baby. I don’t have many friends who’ve had children, or likely to, so rarely have an excuse to knit animals and other creatures. There’s only so many I need in my own home.

So having a work colleague who’s girlfriend has just had a little baby girl was a good excuse to knit floppy dog. Also a great project for using up leftovers.

Trouble is I now have to part from him and he’s sooo cute!! I want a floppy dog! 

In more exciting news: my friend is going on holiday soon and I’m babysitting her dog for the week (and a couple of random evenings before). Forget babies, I get to have a real dog for a week!!!

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