Joseph’s pink delight patchwork challenge

I finally got around to doing the June patchwork challenge. Having discovered the real delight is in ignoring patterns completely and doing the half square triangles by the cheat method, this wasn’t so bad to do.

I’ve done this technique before but if you check out Artistic Sharon’s blog she has a good explanation for the fool proof method of doing half square triangles and getting them nice and neat. I didnt’ even need to re-size mine once I’d done them.

I need a similar technique for doing the tiny squares which didn’t come out quite so neat… the fabric I chose for the centre wasn’t quite aligned how I intended either so this irks my pedantic nature. I wanted the chopped up circles to be aligned across the four square to make them whole again, but on sewing this became far to complicated to work out.


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One Response to Joseph’s pink delight patchwork challenge

  1. Thanks for the mention! I love the colors in your block…yeah, matching the pattern up while piecing still escapes me!!! LOL

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