Perfecting fairisle knitting

I’ve run out of yarn for my fairisle cardigan. So aside from the trauma of the countless needles I’ve broken knitting it so far, having longer arms and body than the size I was knitting and thus having to add a considerable chunk of extra rows, means I have run out of the main colour 8 rows short of the fair isle section.

8 rows!! How annoying!


So I’m now having to wait for yarn to be ordered at my local yarn shop, prolonging the agony of finishing my first fair isle top.

This was the only WIP I had on my needles so it seemed like a good idea to do some fairisle and get my technique and tension better, so I’ve made another one of these (remember it from last time?) :


The technique I learnt in the workshop for reinforcing the seek was to cut first and then chain a line of crochet over the top a couple of stitches in from the cut edge. This is different a different method than that used by Kate Davies’ (and it seems other designer too). So I gave the double crochet steek a go too on a test square, which is done by double crocheting over two adjacent columns of stitches and then cutting between:


Its pretty as an edging but if folded behind with neckline or buttonband applied to it, its a bit bulky.

So I think I’ll do the less bulky single crochet reinforcement on my cardigan when I get around to steeking it.

I’ve also made a cute headband from another Ann Kingstone pattern called Enid, once ironed to block it the tension is actually not bad considering it was done on double pointed needles.


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