July patchwork challenge – Old Maid’s Puzzle

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I’ve been playing in the sunshine with my new friend Ted who is staying over for the week. He’s a supercute Terrier but doesn’t like me sewing or knitting. Or doing anything that involves ignoring him for more than 5 minutes.

Here’s the pattern for July’s patchwork challenge – doesn’t look too bad and I’m getting better at sewing so I don’t think it will require endless swearing.

Old Maid’s Puzzle

This will take me a while to get around to doing myself since Ted will be distracting me. See, he’s too cute to ignore! When am I going to find time to go buy fabric with this chap around?



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5 Responses to July patchwork challenge – Old Maid’s Puzzle

  1. Thanks for the July block! Ted is so adorable, have fun with him 🙂

  2. Marianne K says:

    He’s cute! My Border Terrier, aka Furry Assistant, loves fabric. She’s always hanging around when I’m sewing and often photobombing blog pics. Ted sounds like a typical male: needs attention all the time and is a burden to have around when fabric shopping 😉

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