Elderflower Cordial

The best bit about having Ted this week has been having a reason to go out twice a day for a walk. I love walking but by the time I get home from work its hard to find the will to go, whereas I don’t really have a choice when Ted dives on me the minute I open the front door. I mean look at him, he’s so cute – but is a little bit hyper.


So I dragged him around the hedgerows near me so I could collect elderflower heads to make cordial. I’ve made this for the last couple of years and while the recipe says it lasts 6 weeks in the fridge, I’m only just using up the last bottle from last year’s batch.

The recipe is ridiculously easy:

20 elderflower heads

2kg sugar

2 unwaxed lemons – peeled and sliced

85g citric acid

Dissolve the sugar into 1.5 litres of water by adding both to a large pan and heating gently till dissolved – stirring occasionally.

Put the peeled and chopped lemons and rinsed flowerheads in a large bowl. Add the sugar water. Add the citric acid and stir. Cover and leave to stand for 24 hours before straining through muslin and bottling.

The hardest part to this recipe is finding citric acid. Recipe books always suggest buying from a chemist but having tried this 2 years ago I got a very suspicious pharmacist looking at me and saying they don’t sell it anymore as drug dealers use it! (I mean really, do I look like a drug dealer?!)

So I had to visit the local homebrew store where I got a huge tub which for less than £5 is enough for about 10 years of making elderflower cordial. Or who knows how much drug misuse…

IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5321

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