Knits in progress and where is the sunshine?

Oh dear. I have been really slack at writing recently. It’s not like I have been distracted by anything except work so I have no excuse. Since it’s currently raining and the garden can’t distract me I thought I’d better catch up.

My knitting has whittled down to just one project since I finished the foxglove cardigan. The pattern for my sleeved poncho – Ivy– is by Louisa Harding and is from the same pattern book I knitted Acacia. I bought the yarn at the same time and have had it stashed away for most of the year. Now that I’ve started knitting it I’ve realised I don’t really want a gigantic top which is really baggy under my arms. I’m also getting a little bit bored doing the pattern repeats (and I’m only on the first side!). As this is knitted across-ways rather than top down/ bottom up – I’m knitting less repeats so I have only 10 leaves along the bottom- this should be ok, I’ll just have to lengthen the sleeves. I’ve not blocked the piece I’ve done but here it is…

IMG_5929 IMG_5932

Reducing the pattern repeats does mean that I’ve massively over bought yarn so I should be able to do another pair of the mittens, or perhaps the shawl from the book.

Boredom with the pattern repeats led me to staring at my queue of patterns on ravelry and decided that tincanknits north shore had to be next. I can’t afford to knit this in Madeleine tosh yarn so I’ve opted for Drops Karisma which means it will only cost me £30. And it has mountains and trees on it, just perfect for me!

I really need to get out more……

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