Christmas knitting done! 

Yes I do feel smug! I have to be honest, I have only a small list of people I give gifts to at Christmas and a smaller list of people I usually knit for. I heard a great term this weekend -knitworthy- which shortened that list a bit meaning I’ve finished my presents already.

For someone to be knit worthy they have to appreciate the time and thought that went into knitting them something. Now I have a few close friends and family that I feel present-worthy as they are dear to me, but I’m not sure they really appreciate knitting. So instead of trying to knit everyone something, I’ve reduced that list down to a special few of my nearest family who I know appreciate something handmade- mum, dad, my brother, his girlfriend, and her sister. I feel a little bad my best friend isn’t on that list, but I’ve seen her twice this year since she bought her house in Spain and set about making plans to move there. I don’t like that we don’t see one another but she seems to be too busy and has been hard to keep in touch with. And honestly, I’m not sure she really appreciates knitting.

So, in that case I’m done! Which is brilliant as I am running away from the madness of Christmas and all that time I get off work to be on my own rattling around the house feeling lonely, and instead I’m going on holiday. So the knitting needed finishing early.  Yes, my family aren’t impressed I’m not going to be around for Christmas, but then I don’t really want to have all that time off work and not do anything with it. And last Christmas, being the first on my own, was terribly lonely. All my friends disappear off to family so I realised I had no one around to distract me from myself. When I booked the trip I really felt like I couldn’t do that again.

Annoyingly, a good friend I’ve recently been on holiday with has since invited me to Scotland which would have been amazing. But that happened after that point where I felt ok being single, booking the holiday happened before. As it happens she’s not only a Wonder Woman who is so much better than me at loads of outdoor stuff, an engineer in the army, but she also knits! So camping in Italy was even better when after long days climbing we sat around knitting in the evening. It was the best holiday ever!

It was also when I finished my Christmas knitting, completing a pair of socks for dad.


My mum gets the trail mittens I knitted earlier in the year.

My brother gets the pair of socks which I started during the madness of last summer, that then travelled halfway around the world when I went to Cambodia, and were then finally finished in May when I went camping. I hope he appreciated where they’ve been too!


His girlfriend gets a hotwater bottle cover I made recently (I’ll buy a bottle to go with it!) and her sister gets a cup cosy I made at the last Anne Kingstone workshop I went on.

So having reduced the list down I feel a bit smug to have finished Christmas presents already!

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