Addicted to mountains…. And knitting

Phew! Not only have a finally finished the tincanknits north shore jumper I started back in late August, but it’s also a perfect fit!!!

I did have an issue with the sleeves being far too baggy initially, but then the pattern is intended as a unisex fit and I do have thin and puny arms. So I had to rip it back and work it out for myself- which was a nice challenge. I’ve also added waist shaping so it’s a snug fit. I normally manage to knit things too short as I get bored with endless stocking stitch and finish too early, but this one is the perfect length too, a good few inches over the top of my jeans.

I don’t normally wear blue, but I loved the colours of the original design so I didn’t change the colours of the pattern, though I’ve knitted this in drops karisma yarn instead, making it quite a cheap jumper. About £28, which for a hand knitted jumper and about 8 weeks pleasure of knitting it is pretty good.




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One Response to Addicted to mountains…. And knitting

  1. knitsbywhit says:

    This sweater is amazing! I love the colors!

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