Raising Agents

I’m hungover this morning, yet thanks to the clocks going back I’m still out of bed for 7.30am. But it was a really good night out so its ok that I feel a bit rough around the edges this morning.

Back in January I joined my local WI, (that’s Women’s Institute for the uninitiated). I neeced to get out and meet new people, and having been to my local groups craft club before Christmas I found the ladies to be lovely).

Part of the joy of this group, Tea and Tarts, is that they do loads of fun and unusually things and get involved in a lot of community project. So when our local touring theatre company put a shout out for a knitted banner we get stuck in. Last night I finally got to see the tour finale of Raising Agents, about a WI group struggling to recruit new members.

And I got to see my contribution to the banner- check out the yellow N on a purple background!!!!

Photo taken Mikron theatre co.

Photo taken by Mikron theatre co.


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