Knitting in Bolivia

I’ve been travelling again. Well, what else is there to do with my free time? 

I had a three week trip to Bolivia which was all about climbing mountains and exploring, but I found myself suffering from altitude sickness quite badly and had to have some days in La Paz to recover. 

Which after I’d crawled out of bed and given up knitting in front of Spanish tv I discovered that Bolivian ladies knit, and knit a lot. 

Sure you’d expect there to be a lot of handknitted products around the city given that there’s so many alpacas in the country, but they spend all their time knitting while they work. 

Despite this when I did find the energy to explore I found it incredibly hard to buy alpaca wool. 

The market was a maze and densely packed with stalls selling everything from household products, food and construction materials. It took me over 2 hours of wandering the maze of streets to find a tiny road of stalls which had wool for sale. 

Of course I bought some but I’m guessing the best alpaca fleece goes for export as it wasn’t soft baby alpaca. There was also a lot of acrylic which was disappointing. 
Should you ever find yourself in La Paz and on the hunt for wool you’ll find some here, not too far from the tourist shop roads of Sagnarga and Murelle. 

Back home now I’m busy with the Xmas present knitting ….

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2 Responses to Knitting in Bolivia

  1. Traveling and knitting is my absolute favorite. Safe journeys.

  2. knitsbywhit says:

    When I went to Bolivia I expected yarn stalls to be everywhere. I was a little disappointed that a lot of it was acrylic. I was looking for local wool and alpaca to drool over. Enjoy your travels as Bolivia has a lot to explore!

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