One step forward, two steps back….

Something wierd happened before Christmas. Well, it shouldn’t be considered wierd but given it’s not happened in a really long time it felt wierd.

I was asked out.

Oh that’s fantastic I hear you say, especially when I then say that it’s by a guy I’ve like for a while and frequently thought ‘if only he wasn’t married he’d be my perfect guy’.

So when he asked me out, ambushing me at what I thought was a work related meeting, I was momentarily deaf then shocked and deadly embarrassed.

When I stumbled over ‘I thought you were married’ he said it’s complicated.

Now, those of you more experienced at this dating thing than me would have heard an warning alarm blaring out and backed away quickly. Oddly I heard myself say ‘I like you but I’m enjoying being single’. (Did I really say that? Yes I’m having loads of fun doing lots of fun stuff but that’s not the same thing as wanting to be single).

So a month on and a few coffees and a trip to the cinema (that would otherwise be considered a date if I made that mental leap but decided better of it). I finally found the voice to say ‘explain it’s complicated’.

Of course you know the punchline … he’s bored in his marriage, fancies me and wants who knows what.


How do I find these nuts?! How do I finally find someone who has he same interests as me and he’s not only married but not got the balls to deal with being unhappy?

So don’t worry, I have dignity and self respect. I also have respect for another woman who might still be in love with the idiot having a midlife crisis.

Nevertheless, it’s bloody disappointing to find Mr Right-unavailable.


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