About Tinkerbellknits

Like everything I start in life I have ended up addicted to knitting.  I can’t enter a wool shop without spending money and even found myself looking on the net before holidays to see if there is a wool shop where I’m going.

I’m not especially brilliant and often over ambitious. But no matter how annoying or difficult a project is, I won’t leave something half finished. Which means I’ve had varying degrees of success with jumpers I’ve attempted. Everything from tops being a bit short, a bit wide, and neck lines I’ve had to re do three times before I can get my head through.

Whilst I’ve taught myself much of what I know, there has been two great groups that have spurred me on and I think knitting circles are the only way to avoid becoming a hermit knitting on your own all the time. The Wild about Wool group in Slaithwaite near where I live are a great bunch of women, and have frequently helped decipher patterns. We started out to create a woolly mill sculpture for an exhibition and it was a great way to expand from just the knit stitch. We’ve now morphed into a social group – drinking tea, eating cake and knitting.

I also learned loads from a workshop  I attended at Cheeky Sew and Sew in Todmorden, where Sam taught me lace knitting and beading, which is very addictive. You can find Sam on Ravelry as Greendaygal, her hand dyed yarn is amazing.

I am not a total yarn nut though, and my addictions spread to other things, thankfully and I can often be found out in the great outdoors, as my other passion is being in the mountains.

If you want to read about things other than crafting, check out my other blog: http://tinkerbelladventures.wordpress.com/



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6 Responses to About Tinkerbellknits

  1. I like your shoulder cozy in the photo. Where can I find the pattern and yarn?
    It is very lovely!

    • Here is the link to my post on ravelry for this pattern. The Louisa Harding Millais yarn which i knitted this one in is gorgeous and very warm for cold winters. But I also like the James C Brett yarn I knitted this in too and it was a lot cheaper. If you can’t find the pattern anywhere as its not actually on ravelry, let me know x

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